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Top 5 Things Your Florida Homeowners Insurance May Not Cover

The common thought behind Florida homeowners insurance is that is protects everything in and around your home.  However, more and more Florida homeowners insurance companies are choosing not to include certain risks that most homeowners assume are covered.  Here are the top five things that your insurance may not cover.


Most fl homeowners insurance from will provide coverage for trampolines, and in many cases, owning one could prevent you from getting home insurance.  Trampoline related injuries have climbed to nearly 95,000 incidents per year that resulted in injuries requiring medical treatment.  As a result, insurance companies are no longer providing coverage.  Oh yeah, don’t think you can lie about owning one either – if your insurance company finds out they can deny all coverage, or cancel your policy.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are one of the most popular additions to Florida homes, but if they are not fenced, you will not be covered.  Additionally, unfenced pools are also against state law, so it is best to not tempt fate.  Unprotected pools can result in death, which is worse than any possible financial obligations a fence will require.

Dog Bites

If you own certain breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls, your Florida homeowners insurance policy will not provide liability coverage for accidents and bites involving your pet.  Some insurance companies do add liability coverage for dog bites automatically, but it generally depends on the breed of dog that you own.  If your dog, regardless of breed, ever ends up biting someone, you may have to pay higher premiums, or the insurer can choose not to provide coverage at all.

Faulty Materials

Coverage will not cover damages that result due to faulty or defective building materials or workmanship.  This means that if your house catches on fire due to an electrical wiring issue, your home may not be covered.  It would be up to you to take it up with the building company’s liability insurance to get the losses covered.

Another issue that can arise is if you had repairs done to your home after a severe storm or hurricane, and the same damage occurs again.  Many Florida home insurance companies will deny the second claim according to, citing that the damage was already existing, or due to wear and tear.

Jewelry, Collectibles, and Art

If you own expensive jewelry or art pieces, these will not be covered under your normal insurance policy.  Instead, you will have to purchase additional policies, called riders, to protect these valuables from theft or loss.

The only way to truly know what your home insurance policy does not cover is to thoroughly read all exclusions that are provided with the policy information.  If anything is unclear, or you are not sure if something is covered, make sure to ask before signing any paperwork.  Once it is signed, you may be locked into that policy, even if it does not provide all of the coverages you need.

Best Auto Insurance in Florida

Florida is known as one of the most expensive states in the reason, and for good reason. Real estate, insurance premiums, even groceries can be expensive. This puts a damper on the day of people in search of the best auto insurance in Florida — where to look is something people don’t think of too much in a state where “it costs too much as the motto is taken for granted. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for paying too much for your auto insurance, however. Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your auto insurance rates low — even in Florida.

Stay Safe on the Roads

There are many reasons to stay safe on the roads of Florida, not the least of which is your own health. But, in addition to staying healthy and, of course, alive, keeping away from accidents and other vehicular mishaps, or even something as seemingly harmless as a parking ticket, will help keep your auto insurance rates low. Remember, insurance companies — even those that do good, honest business — aren’t averse to using any excuse they can to raise your rates. To them, this constitutes ‘honest business’, even if, to the rest of the world, it’s clear manipulation. According to, don’t give them the chance.

Punctual Payments

As you know, it’s crucial that you make your payments on time. If you miss any, your provider is sure to impose a penalty payment, and, in the long run, maybe even make you pay more than you otherwise would by jacking up your rates as a consequence of your late payment. Obviously, it’s best to avoid this, so don’t risk a late payment. That means sending your payments, if you do so electronically, at least a full week in advane, and having a record of such an early payment; this way, if something goes wrong and they don’t receive it on time, you can still prove you sent it on time, and that should be enough.

Don’t Drive Without Insurance

Before you find the best auto insurance in Florida at, you might be tempted to drive around without insurance. While this is, for the most part, harmless, and illegal only because . . . Well, because someone said it’s illegal, it’s a horrible idea as far as your wallet is concerned if you get caught. You can triple, even quadruple, your rates when you finally get insurance — and that’s after you’ve given up your license for awhile — so be sure to just wait.

Shop Around

Also important is that you don’t settle for the first company you find. Sure, it might be most convenient to stop looking and just sign up somewhere already — but, it’s unlikely to be the most efficient for your wallet, so put the time in and don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of the best fl auto insurance.

Three types of Florida business insurance you might want to carry

Smart and savvy business owners, (those that have been around the block as well as those that are just starting out) understand the importance of having full and complete Florida business insurance coverage.

Understanding completely event the right Florida business insurance plan and coverage is an investment – and not just an unnecessary monthly cost that contributes to overhead –, these professional experts are able to enjoy a level of security, safety, protection, and confidence that they would not have been able to otherwise.

If you look to take advantage the right Florida business insurance from, just like these experts of commerce already are, you’ll want to look into the three major types of Florida business insurance outlined below.

General liability Florida business insurance

General liability insurance is going to be an absolute necessity when you are operating a business.

Sure, if you organize your business correctly as a LLC you may not have to worry about too terribly much liability – or at least you might not think you do. However, just by carrying a bit of extra general liability insurance you’ll be able to protect yourself completely from any and every eventuality that might come your way – as well as catastrophic accidents or emergency situations that cannot be predicted.

Sometimes local governments require general liability for the business insurance to be carried before giving out a business license, and it’s something that you don’t want to look into in your municipality.

Property Florida business insurance

The second type of Florida business insurance you’ll want to look into is the Florida business insurance that revolves around your property. Regardless of whether or not you own or lease (or have some other arrangement) for your business property, you’ll need to make sure that it is completely protected from damage (caused by humans as well as other external forces), theft, loss, flooding, and fires – and that just begins to scratch the surface.

With the right property Florida business insurance, you will never have to worry about your property looking dingy, rundown, or damaged – as you’ll be able to put in a claim and have it back into tiptop shape in no time whatsoever!

Life insurance provided by Florida business insurance services

Finally, you’re going to want to look into taking advantage of life insurance policies that are provided by of the same people you are getting the rest of your Florida business insurance services from.

You may not think that you are going to go into that great beyond any time soon, but it’s nice to have an extra layer of protection for your family and loved ones in case the worst should happen. The last thing that you’d want to do is have your business go under just because you are no longer around, destroying the lifestyle that you have created for your family just because of an emergency. Hopefully now you understand the three specific types of Florida business insurance from you should be looking to invest in today!