Free-range Snail Production in Australia

infoPicInformation This is a unique package of information gathered from all my publications and practical knowledge that will assist you to establish a free-range snail farm. It is easy to read and you can download instantly, view or print from you home computer.

It is the only complete and up-to-date information resource with clear graphics about sustainable, free-range, snail farming in Australia. It highlights organic and humane principles of breeding and raising edible snails, purging and processing.

“The information is fantastic and very much explains how to get started, maintain and market the product. When I first started looking into snail farming I always had visions of fresh food and the great outdoors.” ~ E Gay – VIC Australia

“All information was useful to the extent that I believe anyone could understand and set their mind to snail farming. All instructions where easy to understand and I believe you have done an excellent job in putting it into a format that all can read and understand without getting bored.” ~ Vernon Bear – New Zealand

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Free Range snail farming relates to commercial and sustainable land use for the purpose of breeding snails.

This system allows snails the maximum ability to follow their natural behavior.

Lower stocking densities differentiates it from the other more intensive production systems (small, covered enclosures or greenhouses).

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Code Of Practice Complete-1CODE OF PRACTICE – Australian Free-range Snail Farming

This industry Code of Practice (the Code) provides general principles and advice on the standards for commercial breeding, farming and processing snails in Australia for the gourmet food trade.

Snail farming practices that once may have been considered appropriate have been reassessed in the light of new knowledge and changing attitudes to understanding the needs of the physiology, growth, reproduction, nutrition and safe, hygienic and humane processing of snails for human consumption.

The Australian Free-range Snail Farming Code of Practice has been developed through consultation with representatives from free-range snail farmers in Australia and New Zealand and an independent veterinarian.

The aim of The Code is to emphasise that free-range snail production is the only sustainable and ethical snail farming practice that has a positive influence on the quality of snails while optimizing the health and welfare of farmed snails.

Marketing Strategy CoverAustralian Free-Range Snails – Marketing Strategies

This document outlines the importance of marketing and strategic planning to provide a focused approach for snail products and services to reach the appropriate target market.


Free-range Snail Farming CoverFree-range Snail Farming in Australia

Results of a three-year research project that provides detailed information on mass producing free-range snails.
It highlights the importance of the full biological cycle of breeding snails as a requirement for a successful, sustainable commercial operation.

The report demonstrates the suitability of raising snails in open pastures rather than the less sustainable growing methods in small enclosures and greenhouses.

Farming Edible SnailsFarming Edible Snails – lessons from Italy

This booklet is a report that describes a potential technique for production of edible snails. The information is the result of research conducted in Cherasco, Italy in 2003.

The report is a forerunner to the outcome of a three-year research project to assess the viability of an alternative method of mass producing edible snails for domestic and international trade (see below).